Tremezzo: the most beautiful hamlet of Lake Como

Villa Carlotta - Lake Como Experiences

Discover Tremezzo Some localities of Lake Como are the perfect incarnation of its mix of nature, history, and lifestyle. One of our favourites is Tremezzo and the neighbouring villages of Ossuccio, Mezzegra, Lenno and Sala Comacina, which together give life to the comune (municipality) of Tremezzina. It is the place in which Anakin Skywalker and […]

Como City: The heart of Lake Como

Villa Olmo - Lake Como experiences

Imagine a magical place, where Roman infrastructures, medieval buildings, and a modern Mitteleuropean charm are cradled by the blue waters of the fanciest lake in the world. A place that is so enchanting that actors, movie directors, and personalities from all over the world cannot help but surrender to its irresistible call.  The materialization of […]

Bellagio: The pearl of Lake Como

Bellagio - Lake Como Experiences

Perched where the two branches of Lake Como gently touch, Bellagio has a quaint and fascinating taste, which has been charming travelers for centuries and has earned the town the prestigious nickname of “Pearl of the Lake”.  Bellagio’s one-of-a-kind harmony between nature, history, and urbanism, has been praised by millions of visitors: lush aristocratic gardens, […]

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