Tall cypress trees hide historic villas. Picturesque villages protrude from the green hills. In the middle, the wonderful lake, navigated by classic wooden boats and steam ferries. In the background, the white and majestic Italian Alps.

Lake Como has been cherished by many since the dawn of time. What really strikes is the perfect mix between nature and urbanism, which combined makes a divine charm, even during the busy summer tourist season.

Lake Como Experiences is an initiative based on a collective of dedicated people striving to build delightful experiences and everlasting memories to share to the world. 

Our mission is to make the best of your stay in Italy’s greatest lake by creating semi-private, private and custom experiences for you to explore the region.

We have made a selection of the top experiences of Lake Como for you to explore. Do you want to know the hottest secret spots and try the tastiest local food it has to offer? Plan your journey in these hidden gems with Lake Como Experiences and dare to taste the real Italian Dolce Vita.