Travel to Lake Como: How to and best routes

How far is Milan from Lake Como?

The distance from Milan to Lake Como is 31 miles (or 50 km), and can be covered in a variety of different ways. Thanks to the travel guide Lake Como Experiences has prepared for you, however, they are now closer than ever!

Make your vacations in Italy as comfortable as they can be: discover how to get to Lake from the airports, the city of Milan and Switzerland, and how to safely and efficiently move around your favorite destinations!

How to get to Lake Como from Milan Airports

Even though there are no direct flights, Lake Como is serviced by some of Italy’s busiest airports: Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate and Orio al Serio. 

How to get to Lake Como from Milan Malpensa

Malpensa is Lake Como’s nearest airport, not just in terms of distance, but also considering the travel duration and comfort. 

Milan Malpensa: how to get to Lake Como By Malpensa Express

Malpensa is the closest airport to Lake Como, and it offers a regular train service (Malpensa Express). The Malpensa Express connects the airport of Milan Malpensa to the train station of Saronno, a town strategically located between Como and Milan: the typical duration of the trip is 20 minutes. 

From the railway station of Saronno, get to Lake Como in 30 minutes with the first train bound to Como Lago. The ticket for the Malpensa express can be purchased for €8, whilst the one from Saronno to Como Lago is usually €2.90.

Alternatively, it’s possible to head to Milan with the Malpensa Express, stop by for a vacation day in Italy’s most glamorous city, and take advantage of the train heading to Como Lago from the station of Milano Cadorna (€4,80, 1-hour trip). 

Milan Malpensa: how to get to Lake Como by car

The airport of Milan Malpensa offers a wide choice of car rental services. There are two options to reach Como in a fast and comfortable way:

  • A36 highway: also called the “Pedemontana”, it connects Como with Malpensa and other neighboring villages. It’s the quickest and most straightforward way (50 km/31,2 miles, traffic james are super rare): make sure you pre-calculate your toll rate on the official website!
  • A9/E35: it’s a slightly longer route (58 km/36 miles), but it allows to make some savings.

How to get to Lake Como from Orio al Serio (Bergamo)

Orio al Serio: how to get to Lake Como by car

Multiple car renting providers are available. The toll road SS432 efficiently connects the airport with the town of Como, in a little more than 1 hour (56 miles/91 km). 

Orio al Serio: how to get to Lake Como by public transportation (bus+train)

Different bus companies offer regular shuttle services (Terravision, Orio Shuttle, Airport Bus Express), connecting the airport with the train station of Milano Centrale  (7 days a week and at a cost of €10). Keep on reading the article to discover how to get to Lake Como from the railway station of Milano Centrale!

How to get to Lake Como from Milan Linate

Linate is the main airport of Milan, from which getting to Como will be possible by car or by public transportation. 

Milan Linate: how to get to Lake Como by public transportation (By bus+train) 

For the first part of the trip, manifold private buses offer a regular service: Starfly, Linate Shuttle, etc. The travel fare is usually €5, and the trip duration floats between 15 and 25 minutes. Once in Milano Centrale, catch a train to Chiasso or Locarno. See the following paragraphs for more details. 

Milan Linate: how to get to Lake Como by car

Ready to hit the road? Rent your favorite car directly at the airport, and take the SP335 toll road connecting Linate to Como in 62 km/38 miles (40/50-minutes trip). In case of traffic jams, we suggest an alternative route: take the SS35 and then merge onto the SS342. 

How to get to Lake Como from Milan (the city) 

How to get to Lake Como from Milan By train

The quickest way to get from Milan to Lake Como.

From the station of Milano Centrale, reachable with the local subway (yellow or green lines), look for a train in direction to the Swiss towns of Chiasso or Locarno and get off at the station of Como San Giovanni. Depending on the typology of train (and on the number of stops), the ticket price might vary from €4.80 to €11.90. The trip usually lasts 40-50 minutes.

Alternatively, you can start your trip to Lake Como from the station of Milano Cadorna, easily reachable via the green or red metro lines. There are usually 2 trains per hour, with a ticket cost of €4.80.

Once at the station (either at Como Lago or Como S.Giovanni), your favorite activities on Lake Como will be just a stone’s throw away!

Remember: before catching the train, validate your ticket with one of the automatic yellow machines located around the station, or ask for assistance to one of the friendly employees!

How to get to Lake Como from Milan by car

Your holidays in Como will be easily accessible with your car, 1 hour of travel, and €4.50 of toll fares: just take the highway A9/E35, put on your favorite travel tunes, and, without even realizing it, you will find yourself in paradise.

LCE tip:  finding a parking lot in Como can be a challenge. In order to save time and effort, we suggest leaving your car at the Autosilo (good prices, a couple of steps from the station of Como Borghi), or at the Autosilo Valduce (5 minutes from Como Lago and 4 from the lake). 

How to get to Lake Como from Switzerland

Switzerland and Lake Como share a very alike landscape, made of picturesque mountains, crystal-clear lakes and a luxurious atmosphere.

How to get to Lake Como from Switzerland by car

The most direct way is to take the A2 highway, crossing the Swiss territory vertically, and crossing the glamorous town of Lugano. 

Swiss highways are efficient and very well-kept, but in order to take advantage of them, you’ll need to buy a special sticker, for a price of 40 CHF ( €38 or $41): it grants unlimited yearly access to the Swiss highway network and can be purchased in service stations, post offices and custom checks. 

Once on the A2, head towards the Swiss town of Chiasso, where you’ll find the border with Como. 

LCE tip: Switzerland is not in the European Union…therefore, at the custom posts, they’ll might ask you to check your document or even your car. Make sure you have your passport with you (or a valid ID). 

How to get to Lake Como from Switzerland by train

If you don’t feel like driving, the best option is to catch a train connecting Switzerland to Lake Como. There are two viable options:

  • FFS Trains: they are managed by the “Ferrovie Federali Svizzere” (Swiss Federal Railroads), connecting Swiss cities to the train station of Como S.Giovanni. The price and duration of the trip vary, but to give you an idea, they will get you to Como in 30-40 minutes (provided that you are departing from Lugano), for a fare between €15 and €28. 
  • Trenord trains: From Lugano, 3 trains for Como S.Giovanni are available every hour, offering 40-50 minutes trips for a price of €10.95. 

How to get to Bellagio

By bus

The bus station is located across the road from the railway station of Como Lago (or just outside of Como S. Giovanni). Catch the C30 bus : the journey lasts one hour and costs €3.70.

By Boat 

Your journey will start at Como’s pier. Trips to Bellagio last 2 hours at a cost starting from €10.40. 

A quicker and more exciting options is also available: the hydrofoil. Getting from Como to Bellagio will take just 50 minutes (and it will be a thrilling journey, we guarantee!), but you’ll have to calculate an extra charge of €4,40. 

We recommend visiting the Navigazione Laghi website, where you will be able to identify the solution which suits your desires best!

By car 

Take the SP583 road, starting just behind the bus station outside Como Lago. Enjoy the view and the relaxing 1-hour drive, until reaching the Pearl of the Lake. 

Alternatively, it’s possible to travel across the internal hills and mountains (SP 639), for a route which is a bit less scenic, but more secluded and less packed with traffic. Both routes are approximately 22 miles (37 kms) long. 

How to get to Varenna

By car

From Milan, take the freeway A9/E35, get out at the exit SS35 dei Giovi, merging onto the highway A36. From there you will find the exit for Via Nazionale dei Giovi/SP44,  leading up to the highway SS 36 del Lago di Como e dello Spluga/SS36. 

This portion of the road will get to Lecco, Lake Como’s 2nd biggest town. From there, take the SS72 and get out at the exit Varenna-Mandello-Abbadia Lariana (1.30 hours, 47 miles/76 km from Milan). 

By train 

Getting from Milan to Varenna by train will be 100% stress-free as, unlike the majority of the destinations on Lake Como, Varenna has a train station. From Milano Centrale, catch the train to the station of Varenna-Esino, at a price of  €6,80 for a one-way ticket, leaving once per hour. 

By ferry boat

From Como’s pier, catch the first ferry boat headed to Colico and, after a 2 hours trip, get off in Varenna. The price of a ticket is €11,60, which increases to €16.20 for a hydrofoil (usually taking half of the time of a normal one). 

Combine Varenna with a visit to other localities just across the lake, such as Bellagio and/or Menaggio. From and to these destinations, it is possible to catch ferry boats equipped to transport cars (tariffs range from €8,60 to €14.40). 

Bonus section: getting to Varenna from the Milan airports

Due to its unique position and well-built connections, Varenna can be reached straight from the airports through different routes. 

From Bergamo (Orio al Serio) airport to Varenna

Jump onto the ATB bus and get to the train station in Bergamo. From there, catch a train to the station of Lecco (40 minutes) and then one to Varenna Esino (22 minutes). The total cost of the trip is €5,60. 

From Milan Linate airport to Varenna

Catch one of the multiple shuttles bound to Milano Centrale. From Milan’s main railway station, 1 train per hour travels up the lake until reaching Varenna in 1 hour, for a price of €6,80.

From Milan Malpensa to Varenna

Catch the all-round Malpensa Express and quickly reach Milan Centrale. From there, follow the simple instructions contained in the paragraph dedicated to Milan Linate.

How to get to Tremezzo

By bus

Catch the C10 bus, either from the Stazione Autolinee (utside of Como Lago) or from Como S.Giovanni. The service is available twice per hour, at a price of around €4 for a one-way trip. This bus will stop in all the main destinations of Tremezzina (Tremezzo, Lenno, Ossuccio, Sala Comacina).

 By ferry boat

From Como’s pier, sail to Tremezzo in a little less than 1 hour by catching a hydrofoil, or in 2 hours with a normal ferry boat. The applied tariffs start from €10.40 for adults (+ a €4.40 surcharge for hydrofoils). 

By car 

From Como, get to Tremezzo by following the indications for Menaggio. The road of choice is the SS3540, which will get you to the destination in 40 minutes (18 miles/30 km). 

How to get to Nesso

By bus

Once again, the bus bringing you to the destination will be the C30: catch it from S.Giovanni, or just behind Como Lago (Stazione Autolinee). Two buses per hour are available, undertaking a 45 minutes travel alongside Lake Como, for €2.30

By ferry boat

Being Nesso a small, secluded village, hydrofoils don’t stop there. Instead, you can catch a normal ferry for €6.90, and enjoy a relaxed, panoramic 50-60 minutes trip. 

By car

In order to reach Nesso from Como with your car, find the SP583 which, after 13 km (8 miles) of the scenic drive, will unveil the beautiful shapes of Nesso. 

How to get to Cernobbio

By bus

In 10 minutes and for the small fare of €1.70, Cernobbio can be easily reached from Como. Just catch the C10 bus from Como Lago or Como S. Giovanni.

By car

From Como, take the SS340 road. After about 1.6 miles, Cernobbio will appear in all its beauty.  The total duration of the trip will be around 1 hour.

How to get to Menaggio

By bus

From Como S.Giovanni or just outside Como Lago, catch the C10 bus, connecting Como to Menaggio for a fare of €2.40, and in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. 

By ferry boat

From Como, catch a ferry boat for Bellagio, and, in around 2 hours and a half (1 hour with hydrofoils), get off in beautiful Menaggio. Tickets can be purchased for €10.40, with a €4.40 surcharge for speed ferry boats. For discounts, timetables, and much more, visit the official website Navigazione Laghi

By Car

From Como,find the indications for Menaggio (SS340 road, the Via Regina), running along the Lake and offering superb views. The 21 miles/35 km trip usually takes 50 minutes. 

Argegno: how to get to Lake Como’s hidden treasure

By Bus

The C10 bus line is the option to pick, as it will comfortably stop in Argegno in about 40 minutes, and for the price of €2.40. This bus departs from the railway stations of Como S.Giovanni and Como Lago (Stazione Autolinee). 

By ferry boat

From Como’s dock, ferry boats to Argegno, Bellagio, and the northern villages of Lake Como frequently depart. Ticket fares amount to €10.40 (a €4.40 surcharge is applied to transfers with the speed ferry boats): visit Navigazione Laghi for timetables, routes, and discounts. 

By car

Argegno is connected to Como via the SS340 road, with a 25-minute (13 miles/21 km) panoramic trip.

How to get around Lake Como

By taxi

All your favorite destinations around Lake Como are served by an efficient taxi service (Radio Taxi Como), available in Como’s trains and bus stations, as well as in some hotspots of the town (Piazza Perretta, Piazza Camerlata).

Travelling with your pets or carrying a mountain of luggage? Fear not! When booking your trip, just make sure to inform the personnel. 

Did you know? During a vacation in Italy, you won’t be able to rely on Uber. However, do not despair! As we will see, It’s still 100% possible to move around Lake Como in total privacy and comfort.

The service can be booked every day, 24/7 by phone (+39 031 261515) or via WhatsApp, indicating name, date, complete address and any specific feature of the required taxi. 

The following rates are charged: €1 per km, with a starting price of €4.50 for the working days, and €7 for weekends and night trips. 

By private shuttle

Sometimes, getting from point A to point B is not enough. For those wondering how to get to Lake Como with the freedom and comfort of a taxi, but demanding the highest level of luxury, there’s only one answer: with your own chauffeur!

At Lake Como Experiences we took the liberty of picking a couple of options:

Como Driver Services: it offers a wide choice of cars and competitive rates. The prices start from €1.90/km (€2.49/km for minivans), and the service is available 24/7, all year around. 


Mobile phone 1: (+39) 320.727.0552

Mobile phone 2, WhatsApp and Telegram: (+39) 340.309.7851

Italy Chaffeur Service: another great option, offering trips to and around Lake Como, as well as from/to other Italian localities. 


Phone: +39-02-8719-6344

Toll free number from US/Canada: 833-ICS-CALL

Skype: +1-833-427-2255

By helicopter

Ready to transform your vacations in Italy into a pure dolce vita experience? Flying around with a helicopter is the synonym of uncompromised freedom, unmatched views and a load of extra time to dedicate to the best things to do Lake Como has to offer.

Check out Helitaly’s offer for Lake Como: you can get in touch with them through the official contact form

Rent a car

How to get to Lake Como on your own terms? Simple: rent a car and hit the road! It is a very recommended strategy to go to Lake Como’s best places, as it will give you the chance of discovering secret spots and villages otherwise difficult to reach.

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