Argegno: A hidden treasure on Lake Como

Lake Como Experiences - Argegno

Lake Como is a world-famous travel destination and, throughout the centuries, it has built up a rock-solid reputation for its glamorous, trendy, and utterly beautiful villages: Bellagio, Varenna, Menaggio, and many more. 


Nonetheless, the explorers who like best to wander off the beaten path, without sacrificing a single ounce of beauty and luxury, will find something to sink their teeth into in the charming hamlet of Argegno. Forget the hurly-burly and the crowds of more mainstream destinations, typical of most of the experiences on Lake Como: Argegno is nothing but an oasis of peace, with which it is impossible not to fall in love.


Argegno: history and fun facts 

Argegno is a gracious little commune of the Como Province, idly nestled on the very shoreline of Lake Como for a millennium.

The name “Argegno”, according to tradition, derives from the Roman consul Publio Cesio Archigene, to which some inscriptions found on ancient gravestones refer.

For multiple centuries after the Roman domination, Argegno was highly fortified: and it played a crucial strategic role during the 13th century when the supporters of the Pope’s authority (guelfi) were fighting against imperial troops (ghibellini).

Over a century later, Argegno was incorporated by the powerful family Visconti, and subsequently taken over by Napoleon’s domination. 

Did you know? Argegno can boast its own big-little record. As a matter of fact, the waters in front of the village are 1345,14 ft (410 m) deep, making Lake Como the deepest lake in Europe outside Norway!

After being finally handed back to the Austrian empire,  Argegno became the headquarters of the local insurrectionists, fighting for the independence of the territory and its annexation to the Regno d’Italia


What to do in Argegno

Argegno brims with thrilling activities and things to do, representing one of Lake Como’s most interesting places. The following list will be useful in ensuring you’ll make the best of your time visiting Lake Como.

Visit the village

Beauty, history, and fascination are concentrated in a little more than 15 square miles. Climb up Argegno’s picturesque, narrow alleys, only to uncover secret spots with a privileged view of Lake Como. 

Satisfy your thirst for knowledge by visiting the enchanting church of Santissima Trinità, built in 1632, admiring its precious mosaics, statues, and paintings depicting the Nativity. A further and charming sign of Argegno’s long past is the famous, pointed-arch Roman bridge crossing the Telo creek which, combined with the neighboring, bright-colored houses, creates a postcard scenery (your followers will love it!). 

Take a cable car to Pigra

One of the steepest cable cars in Europe, it takes from Argegno to the old, surreal little village of Pigra, located 2142 feet above Argegno. The village is a well-preserved jewel from Lake Como’s chest, offering a pristine and vintage way of life, far away from the frenzy of the more touristic localities. Once in Pigra, enjoy stunning views on Argegno, the lake, and the surrounding verdant mountains, and get to know more about the history of such a secluded corner of the Earth by visiting the Cason (once the headquarters of the laborers’ association, nowadays, a museum). Tickets for the cable car are sold at €4.50 (round trip). 

Indulge in pure relaxation at Lido di Argegno 

A place that has what it takes to soothe people’s tribulations. The crystalline waters of Lake Como, the relaxing atmosphere of the pool, the treats from the bar & pizzeria, the breathtaking view, and the flawless service: everything, at Lido di Argegno, is conceived to create pleasure in the most simple and yet effective ways.

Hike into immaculate nature

Lake Como’s fame resides also in the bewildering beauty of its natural landscapes, and Argegno is no exception. From Pigra, start a journey through the beautiful and mysterious valley of Val D’Intelvi: follow the hiking path n.8 and reach the mountain locality of Alpe di Blessagno in little more than an hour. The reward will be a view like no others, as well as the chance to enjoy the rustic tranquility of the Agriturismo le Radici farmhouse.  

Lake Como Experiences - Argegno2
Lake Como Experiences – Argegno©


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Where to sleep in Argegno

Nothing is like home, we all agree. Nevertheless, some rare places around the world (and, not so casually, Argegno) have something special, allowing us to feel a bit less homesick…and, why not, making us feel like true queens and kings.

Villa Peduzzi

An Art Nouveau masterpiece, with 13,250 square feet of luxurious spaces, and a view a few places on Lake Como can rival with. Villa Peduzzi is anything any demanding traveler can ask for: a private chef, villa manager, housekeeper, and chauffeur are available every day, to allow the lucky ones who choose it for their stay to experience something…well, quite transcendental. Another proof? Just have a look at Villa Peduzzi’s  infinity pool, dominating Argegno, Lake Como, and everything else in sight. 

Villa la Ruga

Gently emerging from the waters, Villa La Ruga offers an original, sophisticated hospitality experience. Its indoor and outdoor environments are permeated by luxury and offer anything travel to Lake Como should taste like: romantic alfresco dinners in the garden, a dramatic terrace with a 180° on Argegno, the lake and the mountains, a boathouse for your private sailing adventuresand a private, well-stocked wine cellars. 


As a George we all know would say, what else?

Lake Como Experiences - Argegno
Lake Como Experiences – Argegno©

Where to eat in Argegno

Such an intense rate of amusement and exploration requires good quantities of high-quality fuel. However, in Argegno, feasting on the most delicious Italian food is quite the norm, thanks to the presence of some of the best restaurants on Lake Como. Ready to tuck in?

Ristorante Crotto dei Platani

Sometimes, words are simply not enough to encapsulate pure beauty. This is the case of Crotto dei Platani, the ultimate food experience in Argegno: it features one of the most striking locations a restaurant on Lake Como can possibly boast, expressed through different, unique environments (the pier, the veranda, the garden…). The finest local cuisine is venerated and enthusiastically shared with the guests, while the most celebrated wine labels are guarded in the crotto (natural mountain cave), absorbing all the freshness of the local environment. 


LCE tip:  Land at the Crotto dei Platani’s  dock with your private boat and be welcomed like a real superstar. 


Ristorante Villa Belvedere

Top-notch and cordial service, a wise and harmonic combination between specialties from the Lario and the Mediterranean Sea, and a position allowing the guests to enjoy their dinner while mirroring themselves in Lake Como. Any foodie’s dream come true, just a few steps from Argegno’s center. 

La P’Osteria 

A little culinary jewel in Argegno’s beating heart. La P’osteria inherits its name from the old post office of the village and is specialized in local fish, meat, and homemade desserts. It is located right in front of Argegno’s roman bridge, seasoning your dinner with an extra dose of dolce vita taste.

How to get to Argegno

Argegno is very well-connected to the town of Como, as well as to the fanciest localities of the homonymous lake. Let’s see together the best and most efficient way to reach  Argegno and officially start your dolce vita daydream.


Lake Como Experiences - Argegno

By Public Transportation


In Milan, reach the railway station of Milano Cadorna, through the green or red metro lines, locate the first train for Como Lago and hope onto it. Tickets are worth €4.80 and should be purchased at the official ticket offices. After validating them with the dedicated yellow machines (find them around the station), enjoy a relaxing 1-hour trip through Milan’s and Como’s hinterland. The station of Como Lago is located just a few steps from the pleasant lungolago (promenade) of Lake Como. 

Alternatively, it’s possible to depart from the station of Milano Centrale, catching a train to the Swiss city of Chiasso, just to get off at Como S.Giovanni (tariffs and duration of the journey are always the same). Find detailed info here.

The next segment of the trip is, with no doubt, the most enjoyable, as it will have Lake Como and its matchless sceneries as distinguished protagonists. 


The most straightforward way to reach Argegno is catching a bus: if you picked Como S.Giovanni as your railway station of arrival, simply walk out the main station building to find the bus stops. Instead, from Como Lago, cross near the roundabout of Piazza Matteotti, and find the bus station Stazione Autolinee. In both cases, the C10 bus line is the option to pick, as it will comfortably stop in Argegno in about 40 minutes, and for the price of €2.40. 

Ferry boat

Visiting Argegno and Lake Como without enjoying the experience of sailing on its waters would be, probably, like looking at a painting while blindfolded. It is surely the most fascinating and typical way of undertaking the trip to Argegno, as well as quite advantageous and direct. 

From Como’s dock, ferry boats to Argegno, Bellagio, and the northern villages of Lake Como frequently depart. Ticket fares amount to €10.40 (a €4.40 surcharge is applied to transfers with the speed ferry boats): visit Navigazione Laghi for timetables, routes, and discounts. 


Warm up the engine! From Milan, merge into the A9/E35 freeway and exit at “Lago di Como”. Argegno is connected to Como via the SS340 road, with a 25-minute panoramic trip.