The best towns in Lake Como

Due to its amazing landscapes, Lake Como makes everyone fall in love with its historical background and the magic pieces of art ready to be discovered all over the area.

What makes Lake Como worth visiting are the picturesque towns that surround it, each of them is a unique reality where to live an unforgettable experience and know a new side of the lake culture and way of living.

To have the perfect stay you’re aiming for, in the following part of the article you will find some suggestions about the best towns where to stay in Lake Como and the best activities to do to have an optimal experience.


We can’t help but start with Como, the most visited and one of the best towns to stay in Lake Como.

Como is one of the best connected locations in the area thanks to the many train stations in the different parts of the town that makes it easily reachable from all over the country.

The town is able to satisfy every expectation and taste; you can take part in a guided tour through the historical centre, attend a particular show in the Teatro Sociale or choose a refreshing walk through the town’s streets and lanes and end your day in Brunate, a romantic place from where to enjoy a breathtaking view of the lake only to be surrounded by the sounds of nature.

You can also experience a boat tour around the lake shores or try the prestigious local restaurants and taste the typical delicacies that make up the precious culinary heritage of Lake Como.

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You can find Cernobbio a bit further from the frenetic centre of Como but still near to the main facilities and attractions. The village close to Switzerland is the perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday on Lake Como.

What makes Cernobbio one of the best places to stay in Lake Como is the luxury of its majestic villas as Villa Erba, where also takes place the Proposte fair, one of the most important events for the village and its silk production. Every shop, bar and public activity offers its place to the silk producers to exhibit silk creations that fill the town with colours and patterns that make it even more magical.

Other interesting events happen in Cernobbio such as Concorso D’Eleganza organised by Villa D’Este, a 5 star luxury hotel that hosts every year a luxury vintage cars’ event, and the Orticolario event for botanical lovers.

For those seeking sport and adventure, Cernobbio has a wide choice of activities such as jogging through the picturesque streets or wakeboarding to challenge and tame Lake Como’s waves.

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Located in the western part of the Lake, Tremezzo is the town that offers the most fairy-tale scenery of the region.

It counts many imposing Villas such as Villa Carlotta, as well as Villa del Balbianello which attracts many cinema lovers as it has been one of the filming locations of the Star Wars saga.

There are also some quiet beaches and gardens where you can enjoy a sunbath and relax surrounded by the fresh greenery. You can also have a delicious aperitivo at T- Beach or a rejuvenating SPA treatment at Grand Hotel Tremezzo, a 5 stars luxury hotel known and appreciated by all.

Tremezzo is the arrival point of the Greenway, a 20-km- path that runs along most of the western side of the lake, through which you can discover the enchanted secrets of the small villages around.

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Also known as ‘The pearl of the lake’, Bellagio  is considered to be one of the best towns in Lake Como as it encloses in its tininess an impressive amount of precious landscapes.

Being well-connected is one of the town’s assets, which makes it easily reachable by ferry or by car and offers the possibility to visit the main attractions nearby.

You can reach Punta Spartivento within a 10 minutes’ promenade from the centre, which is probably the best place to contemplate Lake Como in its purest immensity.

You can’t miss visiting Villa Melzi and Villa Serbelloni’s gardens where you can only but lose yourself in the exotic plants and flowers’ colourful symphony.

A few minutes by car away is located Madonna del Ghisallo and its museum, which is not only an important stop of famous cycling races as Giro d’Italia but also a fundamental destination for cycling lovers and supporters. The view from there is absolutely indescribable, mountains and water shadows make you feel on top of the world.

You obviously can’t leave Bellagio without tasting the most famous dish of the lake: risotto with perch fish. The welcoming restaurants facing the lake will definitely please your taste buds.

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Right in front of Bellagio sits Varenna, a pretty village directly connected to Milan and appreciated for its warm and familiar atmosphere.

The colourful buildings make Varenna the perfect place to stay in Lake Como for a more romantic and intimate gateway. The enchanting path commonly known as ‘Passeggiata degli Innamorati’ walks you through the historical centre of the town.

You can enjoy a walk in the direction to Piazza San Giorgio and its Church, or wander around the botanical gardens of Villa Monastero and Villa Cipressi and immerse yourself in its noble beauty.

Sport addicts can also find their happiness as a walk toward the Fiumelatte river and enjoy an energising picnic at the end, or go on a hike through the Sentiero del Viandante, a 28 miles path that goes along the eastern side of Lake Como.

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Last but not least, Menaggio is definitely one of the best towns in Lake Como to consider when you’re planning your holidays to Lake Como.

Even if it’s less traditional than the other towns below, Menaggio is known for its sports and entertaining activities such as hiking, cycling but also water skiing, sailing and canoeing. This will definitely help you discover the surrounding environment under an adrenaline pumping point of view.

The proximity to Bellagio, Varenna and Tremezzo makes Menaggio the starting point for long or short trips around the lake outline.

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Nesso, a hidden gem on Lake Como, boasts mediaeval charm with its iconic Ponte della Civera bridge and cobblestone streets. The village is famed for the enchanting Nesso waterfall, the picturesque famous bridge in Lake Como,  adding a touch of magic to the serene surroundings. Escape the crowds and discover authentic tranquillity as you explore historic architecture and enjoy stunning mountain views. 

Enjoy Nesso and its famous bridge by taking a boat tour, which will take you just under it up until the waterfall. 

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Argegno, a picturesque town on the shores of Lake Como, invites visitors into a world of lakeside elegance and timeless charm. With its historic allure and quaint atmosphere, Argegno is adorned with charming cobblestone streets and a delightful promenade along the water’s edge. The town’s iconic Ponte della Tonnara, an ancient bridge, adds character to the landscape. Boasting stunning views of the surrounding mountains, Argegno is a haven for those seeking a tranquil escape. Whether savouring local cuisine at waterfront restaurants or exploring the town’s rich history, Argegno offers an idyllic retreat on the enchanting shores of Lake Como.

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