Covid-19 in Italy and 3 ways to support restaurants 

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A retrospective ticket of the restaurant industry in Italy one year into Covid-19, and ideas to help your favorite local restaurants


A bit more than a year ago, while we were happily celebrating with our friends and family raising our glasses for a new beginning, nobody of us would have thought that 2020 would be such a challenging year for the entire world. 

The sudden arrival of a dramatic situation, causing damages, illnesses and uncertainties, has been able to completely change our way of living, working but most of all relating with people we love. 

Almost one year has passed, and Covid-19 is still impacting our lives by making the most of the things we took for granted completely out of reach. Drinking a coffee with a friend, visiting our relatives, or simply going to work or travelling abroad is near to impossible.

Covid in Italy and the world have created many threats to job perspectives and the economy in general, but mostly for industries involving journeys, reunions and group gatherings such as tourism and restoration sectors. 

In Italy, Covid-19 has been a hit that the country never experienced before. All the restrictions imposed by the government regarding social distancing,  gatherings, working hours reductions and curfews, in addition to the fear of infections, as well as the reduction of seats on planes and trains and the limitations for flights and travels have crashed the economy. This situation has induced a loss of about 1 billion euros for tourism and restoration and 65 million foreign tourists fewer than the previous year only for summer. 

Many chefs and hoteliers in Italy and the world lost their job or had to stop their activities because of the Covid-19 pandemic, mainly for the costs and taxes they would have had to face. They experienced their restaurants and hotels getting emptier and emptier, many without support, their loyal clients disappear and their internal costs skyrocket. 

This being said, we thought we really could help the cause and support chefs and restaurants from all over the world that are now living this dramatic situation. For this reason, we brought in this ticket some simple but effective initiatives that you could adopt to help them in their every day lives! 

Sometimes what represents a very small effort for us, can change and improve someone else’s life.

3 Ways to support restaurants during Covid-19

  • Ordering takeout! 

As one of the security measures is to avoid gatherings, the Italian government allowed restaurants and cafés to stay open until 10 pm only for takeout and takeaway services. This might also be the case in the place where you are located. Ordering takeout would not only help to support your local restaurants but also provide jobs to the delivery people.

At the moment, these two options are the only ways with which restaurants can survive and continue working. For this reason, you could enjoy these services for your family dinners, for a cinema night, while binge-watching Netflix or for a nice Sunday brunch. 

With this, you will be able to help chefs and cooks to continue their passion while enjoying a delicious meal ready to eat without messing up your kitchen! 

  • Invite a chef at home as a gift! 

Everybody knows that one of the most appreciated gifts for every occasion is always food and wine (or beer!). A birthday (or Valentine’s Day) could be a golden opportunity to sustain chefs and culinary activities. 

Are you tired of giving the same presents every year? This year think out of the box! Hesitating about the best Valentine’s gift for him or for her? Gift cards in this case are a great option.

What is better than a culinary composition made of an exquisite homemade creation matched with a good bottle of wine? You could ask your chef for a gastronomic selection of pasta, sauces, cold cuts and cheese, served with an after-dinner digestive such as an Amaro liqueur. 

Choosing high-quality products with excellent raw materials will allow you to have the best experience. In case if you don’t find the product you are looking for, it is also possible to order online typical Italian products that you could gift your friends and family. 

All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your homemade gastronomic meal!


  • Learn how to make Italian culinary secrets directly from your kitchen!

During this period of quarantine, most of our passions and hobbies have been suspended because of gyms, swimming pools, parks, museums and theaters limitations. 

Our life has become more sedentary and monotonous, but it’s time to be active and experiment with new passions to enjoy in our days and fight this period of momentary standby. 

And what if you learn how to cook a typical Italian dish? You will have the possibility to know, experiment and cook new Italian recipes and delicious dishes helped live by some of the best Italian chefs! How? Joining stimulating and involving online cooking classes directly from your comfortable kitchen of the sofa. 

In our selection you can find the dish that you fancy the most and even offer a gift card. All you need is to get the ingredients and follow step by step the chef’s tips in order to improve your culinary skills and surprise your family with delightful creations.  This year, your average dinner won’t have secrets for a professional chef like you! 

This could be also a unique present for your food-lovers friends and of course, you will get to be invited to taste (and rate ;)) the recipe they will learn! 

What looks like a simple idea for a gift can have a strong meaning for chefs and professional cooks that lost their job or are having a difficult period with their business. With choosing these online cooking classes you help them to have hope too. 


We hope these suggestions represent a valid support for all the chefs that are now living a period of unemployment and loss, and we commit to doing our best to assist them in our everyday life. This won’t only help the chefs, but also support your favorite restaurants until we are able to come back.

In the meantime, we hope this situation improves as soon as possible, and we wish you all the best. Stay safe! 


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