Nesso: A Living Postcard From Lake Como

Nesso Bridge - Lake Como Experiences

A postcard scenery, resonating with tranquillity and antique sensations. The quintessence of what can be experienced on Lake Como, without the hustle and bustle of more mainstream destinations. Today we’ll tell you about Nesso and its surroundings, a place where enjoying the dolce vita is the one and only imperative.


Nesso: History and Fun Facts

Nesso is located on Como’s eastern shore, on the road toward Bellagio. The first settlements were established during the Prehistoric era, but it is during the Roman domination and the Middle age that Nesso grew, becoming the “headquarters” of the local bishop and enforcing its power on 10 neighbouring villages.

Did you know? The toponym “Nesso” probably originates from the name “Ness”, the ancient Celtic divinity of water. 

Nowadays, Nesso is one of the most appreciated destinations of Lake Como, popular among locals for its pacific atmosphere, and increasingly explored by the most curious travellers. 

Things to do in Nesso

Nesso is a true piece of paradise: pastel-coloured houses are connected by ancient cobblestone-paved alleys, harmonically intertwining with rivers and waterfalls jumping into Lake Como. An enchanted land, ready to share its treasures.

Visit Orrido di Nesso 

The most famous local landmark. The Orrido (“Gorge”) is born from the confluence of the two creeks Tuf and Nosè which, like two lovers, strive to finally touch each other. The Orrido will enchant travellers  with one of Lake Como’s and Italy’s most beautiful waterfalls, admirable by the medieval, arched bridge of Ponte della Civera.

Get lost in the ancient alleys of the old town 

The little Piazza Castello, the glorious frescoes of the Church Santi Pietro e Paolo, the ruins of the medieval Castello di S. Lorenzo and the many stone-made houses will be the stage of a true dolce vita play. Indulge in the luxury of wandering with no destination, in a place where beauty is behind every corner. 


LCE Tip: fancying a chic experience, with the perfect photo shooting? Sail to the portion of lake in front of Nesso with a  classic Italian boat or a Riva yacht, the Ferrari of the waters. The stunning view on the Orrido and on the most famous bridge of Lake Como will do the rest.


Stroll on the lungolago of Lezzeno 

An intimate but active way to enter communion with the beauty of Lake Como, in addition to the chance of adding another jewel to your collection of experiences. 

Sunbathe at Lido di Faggeto

Time for some well-deserved tranquillity. In the neighbouring village of Faggeto dwells the Lido, an exclusive beach club offering all the nécessaire for some serious relax on the banks of Lake Como. 


Bonus tip: Are you a foodie? Spoil yourself at Bar Italia, in the village of Torno. Chopping boards overflowing with salami and local cheeses will accompany a fresh glass of wine or a Spritz. The perfect aperitivo.

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Where to sleep

Hotel Villa Lario 

More than just a restaurant, a holistic hospitality experience on Lake Como. From a luxurious master suite facing the Lake to a private 120 m² Pavilion, Villa Lario is a high-design place for those who demand the best, with no compromises. 

Hotel Il Sereno  

Designed by the award-winning architect Patricia Urquiola, Il Sereno was appointed as #1 Resort Hotel in Italy by Travel+Leisure: 40 suites up to 200 m², a continuous symphony between nature, light and interiors, and breathtaking views on Lake Como will be the scenery of sophisticated and unforgettable stay.

Villa Pliniana 

“This lake exceeds anything I ever beheld in beauty […] But the finest scenery is that of the Villa Pliniana”; with these words, poet Percy Shelley paid homage to Villa Pliniana, one of the most exclusive accommodations on Lake Como. Luxury suits, 4 independent villas in the 18-acres park, with all the comforts and, as special guest, the crystalline waters reflecting the sunlight.

Hotel Mandarin Oriental Lake Como 

Resting in the forest just above the lake, the Mandarin Oriental elegantly merges with the surrounding environment, of which it shares the calmness and class, emphasized by a light oriental touch. A must-try 5-star daydream in the gorgeous village of Blevio.m m 

Villa Chicca 

Some places just have something more, and this is the case of Villa Chicca. Located in Lezzeno, just a few miles from Bellagio, it features wide terraces, a pristine garden for romantic sunset dinners, and private access to the lake, coupled by all the comforts and cosiness of a true hearth.



Where to eat in Nesso

After a delicious aperitivo, there’s just one thing left to do: go to eat, in perfect Italian style! Nesso and the nearby villages will tease your appetite with delicious specialities and little culinary sanctuaries where to enjoy them. Buon appetite!


Villa Lario restaurant

In the village of Pognana, there’s a place where the freshest Italian ingredients are transformed into a pure celebration of life: Villa Lario. Chef Michele will be the guide of a journey through the Italian regions, their typical ingredients and how to make the best out of them.

Berton al Lago 

A deep culinary adventure in the little town of Torno. Berton Al Lago proposes different tasting itineraries, matched with an unpaired selection of the finest wines. Only for true food pioneers.

Trattoria del Porto

The freshest fish from Lake Como, prepared with all the passion any Italian nonna would put in its recipes. Trattoria del Porto is located in the fraction of Careno, 5 minutes from Nesso. A pure expression of authenticity.

Crotto del Misto

Enjoy delicious recipes based on from local producers, flirt with the sunset from the panoramic terrace, and visit the ancient wine cellars, for an all-around journey through pleasure.


How to Get to Nesso

Nesso is easily reachable from Como. However, we cannot guarantee travelling back to the airport will be equally feasible: the legend says just a few of those who travel to Italy and visit Nesso, actually have the willpower to go back home 😉


By public transportation

First Part: from Milan to Como

Make your way to the station of Milano Cadorna with the green or red metro lines. From there, getting to Como will be like shooting fish in a barrel: there are 2 trains per hour heading to Como Lago which, for €4.80, will reach the town centre of Como in around 1 hour (check timetable and discounts here). Alternatively, the trip can be started from the railway station of Milano Centrale. Pinpoint the trains leaving for the Swiss town of Chiasso, getting off at Como S.Giovanni for the same price and time. Saddle up now, Nesso is just behind the corner!

Second Part: from Como to Nesso

By bus

 The C30 bus line will be your steed: catch it from S.Giovanni, or just behind Como Lago (ask for “Stazione Autolinee”). From there, buses bound to Nesso depart twice per hour, undertaking a 45 minutes travel alongside Lake Como, for €2.30 (1-way ticket). 

By ferry boat          

The most exciting option. Keep in mind that the village is quite small, and just slow ferries will be stopping in Nesso. The pri ce of a one-way trip will be €6.90, with discounts often applied (visit the official website). Ferry boats from Como to Nesso depart from the town’s dock, the Imbarcadero.

By car 

There’s nothing like being the absolute captain of your own pilgrimage, and a good old road trip to Nesso will be the perfect way to do so. 

From Milan, get the A9 freeway, exit at Como Centro, and quickly cross the town. In order to make sure to follow the right route, keep as a reference the indications for Bellagio. After 10 minutes from the freeway, find the SP583 which, after 13 km (8 miles) of the scenic drive, will unveil the beautiful shapes of Nesso. 

Venetian Limousine in Nesso Bridge - Lake Como Experiences©
Venetian Limousine in Nesso Bridge – Lake Como Experiences©