Tremezzo: the most beautiful hamlet of Lake Como

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Discover Tremezzo

Some localities of Lake Como are the perfect incarnation of its mix of nature, history, and lifestyle. One of our favourites is Tremezzo and the neighbouring villages of Ossuccio, Mezzegra, Lenno and Sala Comacina, which together give life to the comune (municipality) of Tremezzina. It is the place in which Anakin Skywalker and Padmè fell in love, and where James Bond brought his lovers for romantic escapes. However, you won’t need a career in secret services or a strong craving for the universe’s domination: Tremezzo will open his arms to you and whoever you’ll feel sharing such a beautiful experience with.


What to do in Tremezzo

Our team hand-picked the best activities Tremezzo and the Tremezzina are setting aside for you. You won’t be disappointed: we love Lake Como exactly as you do.


Visit Villa Carlotta: 300 years of masterpieces, jealousy preserved in one of the most beautiful fortresses of Lake Como. Admire immortal art pieces by Canova, Thorvaldsen and Hayez and explore the botanic2al park: lanes of azaleas and rhododendrons in bloom will gently wrap you, bringing you to a heavenly dimension. Villa Carlotta is open from late April to October; tickets can be purchased for €12.00. However, heaps of special discounts are normally applied: take a look here!

Visit Villa Balbianello: pure Dyonisian allure in the village of Lenno. Brought to its splendour by the eccentric billionaire Guido Monzino, Villa Balbianello is an exhibition of relics from the four corners of the world. Set of the James Bond 007 and Star Wars movies, the villa can be visited from March to January; full tickets are sold at €22 but we suggest taking a look at the official website. Still not tempted yet? We’ll just let you know that Mr Monzino packed up the villa with secret passages, just like a little Hogwart.

Walk in the Greenway of Lake Como: a perfect way to combine fitness, nature and history. The Greenway will allow you to hike through the whole area of Tremezzina, jumping from an ancient church to a noble villa, crossing fields and olive gardens. The hike is 6 miles long (10 km) and can be reduced to smaller portions: make sure you take a look at the interactive map.

Sunbathe at Lido di Lenno and Go to Comacina Island: the Lido di Lenno is an exclusive beach club in the village of Lenno. Lie on a sandy beach and finally work hard on getting that tan, take a refreshing bath in Lake Como, and enjoy delicious food and drinks, served straight to your beach lounger. Once you’ll have built up your energy again, jump onto a taxi-boat and visit the mysterious Isola Comacina and its medieval treasures, you’ll be literally bewitched. 


Bonus tip: walk up to the Sacro Monte of Ossuccio. What about some extra adventure in a place so dreamlike, it was appointed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites? The Sacro Monte consists of 14 chapels, surrounded by lush vegetation and rich olive groves. A walk up the slope is definitely worth it.

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Where to sleep in Tremezzo

Time to rest, and to do so in pure dolce vita style. Tremezzo and the Tremezzina will be just right to do so!

Grand Hotel Tremezzo: an art-nouveau dream come true. Grand Hotel Tremezzo is your 5-star paradise, an idyllic place of which you’ll be totally sovereign. 3 pools, a private park, exclusive suits and other exclusive treats will be the perfect medicine for any leftover stress in your body and soul: the glorious view on the Grigne mountains will do the rest. 

Villa Sola Cabiati: in Tremezzo, there’s a place that could legitimately belong to Wuthering Heights or any other literary masterpiece. Villa Sola Cabiati is an aristocratic residence with 6 suits, sumptuously decorated with frescoes and stuccoes from the ancient era. You’ll have at your disposal a butler, a maid and a housekeeper, enjoying the total seclusion of your private mansion. Milady, Milord, what is that you desire?

Villa Molli: if your holiday dreams are made of luxury and contemporaneity, a stay at Villa Molli will be a mystic experience. Located in the village of Sala Comacina, the villa will offer you a mesmerizing 180° view on Lake Como from a 59 feet-long infinity, a glamour outdoor lounge area, and many other surprises. Are you ready to feel just like a movie star?

Grand Hotel Cadenabbia: in the small fraction of Cadenabbia, there’s a place where majesty is the keyword: Grand Hotel Cadenabbia clings to the rocks emerging from the lake, materializing all your dolce vita fantasies. The interiors of the hotel will cuddle you with a wise mix of cosiness and mementoes from the past centuries, and the rooftop terrace will make you fly above the still waters of Lake Como.

Where to eat in Tremezzo

Tremezzo features a wide choice of fine dining restaurants and local trattorias, offering you the best traditional preparations of Lake Como, with the usual touch of magic and innovation. Grab some paper, your mouth might start watering uncontrollably. 

Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi: the most famous Italian chef in history. His legacy is scrupulously carried on in just a handful of restaurants around the world, among which the Terrazza, located in Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Just let the living memory of the maestro guide you through a once-in-a-lifetime culinary ritual, combining ingredients from the Italian tradition with the avant-garde genius of chef Marchesi. 


LCE tip: If you pick La Terrazza, make sure you wear elegant clothes: the maestro would appreciate it!


Locanda la Tirlindana: when it comes to food, chef Patricia is a volcano of ideas and creativity. Her kitchen smells like bread, fresh pasta and just-baked cakes. Located in the village of Sala Comacina, the Locanda combines the warmth of a living room with a privileged location: a small pedestrian square looking directly at Isola Comacina. A true feast for your palate and eyes.

Casa Aquadulza: located in the very village of Tremezzina, Casa Aquadulza will offer you a simple and yet surprising cuisine, based on fish and meat from local producers…all watered by gallons of handcrafted beer, the piece de resistance of the Casa. If you take food seriously but you like to indulge in a more laid-back atmosphere, this is the place for you.


Grand Hotel Tremezzo - Lake Como Experiences©
Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Lake Como Experiences©


How to get to Tremezzo

Tremezzo and the neighbouring villages of Tremezzina are located on the western shore of the left branch of Lake Como. The whole comune is quite easy to reach: just follow our simple instructions and, in the blink of an eye, you’ll be in where the true magic happens.


By car

Hitting the road will always have its charm. Reaching Lake Como and Tremezzo with your private car will be as easy as driving to the grocery store. From Milan, get the A9 motorway, exit at the Como/Lago di Como sign, and, in a couple of minutes, you’ll find indications for Menaggio. Just follow them and enjoy the panoramic drive along Lake Como (road SS340). In about an hour from Como, you’ll be in the place of your dreams.


LCE tip: to benefit from Italy’s freeway networks, you’ll have to pay tolls. Make sure you have some coins saved for the trip, or your credit card is always within reach. 


By Public transportation

First Part: from Milan to Como. Reach the train station of Milano Cadorna (green or red metro lines) and catch the first train to the station of Como Lago (timetable), just a few steps from Lake Como. Your journey might also start from the station of Milano Centrale: catch one of the 2 trains per hour bound to Chiasso (Switzerland) and jump off the train at Como S. Giovanni. Your decision upon the train line will neither affect your budget (tickets are sold for €4,80, with a 50% discount for kids up to 14 years old) nor schedule, as both trips will last for about 1 hour. 

Second Part: from Como to Tremezzina. Congrats! You are now in the (un)official capital city of Lake Como. Tremezzo and all the jewels that the lake proudly shines with will be easily within your reach from here. 


LCE TIP: The town of Como itself is one little pearl that definitely deserves to enter your wanderlust collection. The guide we prepared just for you will be the ace up your sleeve in picking the best things to do in Como


Once in Como, you have two options to reach Tremezzo. Catch a bus, either from the Stazione Autolinee (located outside of Como Lago) or directly from Como S.Giovanni. Keep an eye on the digital screen just above the bus windshield and make sure you jump onto the “C10” line. The service is available twice per hour, at a price of around €4 for a one-way trip. This bus will stop in all the main hotspots of Tremezzina (Tremezzo, Lenno, Ossuccio, Sala Comacina).


If you consider the trip itself a pleasure, catch a ferry boat and just let yourself be wrapped by the cool breeze of Lake Como. In less than 10 minutes from the stations, reach the official imbarcadero, the town’s dock. From there, sail to Tremezzo in a little less than 1 hour. The applied tariffs start from €10.40 for adults: we recommend taking a look at the official website, you’ll find different typologies of trips and discounts. 


LCE tip: feeling fancy? Then endow your travel with pure luxury and exclusivity! Our boat tours will take you anywhere on the lake: just tell us what you desire, and we will make it happen.