Villa Erba: a living testimony of Lake Como’s beauty

Lake Como’s shores preserve some of  Italy’s most prestigious historical villas, offering their visitors some of the shiniest treasures of the Bel Paese. Villa Erba, located in Cernobbio, is a must-visit: it reaches the hyperuranium of architecture, art and natural beauty, but it also offers first-class services when it comes to weddings and private events. 

The cherry on top? By visiting it, you’ll be walking on the set of cult movies and famous commercials, for a 360° experience that will fulfill the dreams of the most demanding travellers.

Welcome to Villa Erba, a place out of time and space. 

How to get to Villa Erba

Villa Erba is located in Cernobbio, on the western shore of Lake Como

LCE tip: Cernobbio is a vibrant little town, offering plenty of activities and accommodations just a few steps from Villa Erba. Some of Lake Como’s and Italy’s best hotels near to Villa Erba, such as Villa D’Este, Cernobbio’s point of pride. There’s also a terrific variety of food options: Cernobbio offers some of the best restaurants around Lake Como, such as the worldwide-famous Materia, or George Clooney’s favourite, Il Gatto Nero.

Getting to Villa Erba By public transport

From the railway station of Milano Cadorna (green/red metro lines), catch a train bound to the station of Como Lago, available twice per hour, for a fare of €4.80. A valid alternative to reach Villa Erba is starting the trip from the railway station of Milano Centrale: same price, same duration, different station of arrival (Como S. Giovanni). Always check the official website for updated information.

From Como, the C10 bus leaves for Cernobbio from the railway stations of Como Lago and S. Giovanni: it offers 1-2 trips per hour for a price of €1.70. The trip usually lasts 10 minutes. 

Getting to Villa Erba By car

Presto Fatto. From Milan, get the A9/E35 freeway, exit at Como, and switch to the SS340 road. After about 1.6 miles, Villa Erba will appear in all its beauty.  The total duration of the trip will be around 1 hour.

Villa Erba: A rich and creative history

Italy’s and Lake Como’x cultural heritage owes a lot to Catholicism. As a matter of fact, just like many villas in the area, Villa Erba used to be a women’s monastery, built at the end of the 11th century, and demolished in 1784. 

In 1816 the area was bought by the Napoleonic general Domenico Pino, who envisioned, for the area, a bold and sumptuous buen retiro: the terrain was transformed into a verdant park, and a new villa was built and named Villa Nuova (new villa, today called Villa Gastel-Visconti).

It is just at the end of the 19th century, however, that the Villa Erba was designed and brought to life as we know it. The noble family Brivio-Erba used to spend their holidays in rented estates in Cernobbio, until they decided it was time to have Villa Erba built as their own, personal corner of paradise. 

After purchasing the property previously owned by general Pino, the Erba family commissioned the mission to the local archistars Angelo Savoldi and Giovanni Battista Borsani.  

The result? A magnificent and imposing mansion, with lavish interiors and a jaw-dropping park all around it. 

Nowadays, it has become a reference point, both for the local community and for artists, businessmen, filmmakers, and international visitors. Villa Erba features prestigious exhibitions, conferences and events, as well as some of the most interesting botanical and architectural solutions of Northern Italy and Lake Como,  and a natural scenery proper of an enchanted land.

Villa Erba: A prime events location

Plan your perfect Italian-style wedding at Villa Erba

The luckiest of us, at some point in their life, will realize that all they want is just to spend the rest of it next to their better half. 

Such a milestone deserves to be celebrated with beauty, prestige and joy…and to do so, few other places in the world compare to Villa Erba. The location ranks among the top wedding venues of Lake Como and Italy, for its unique scenery, and for the top-notch logistic abilities of its personnel. The dramatic cathedral hall will be the heart of your ceremony, but if the day is warm we definitely suggest having the area in fronte of the Darsena (boat house) set up for an outdoor wedding: a perfect blend between the beauty surrounding you, and the love that’s within your heart. 

LCE Tip: fancying to live Lake Como in pure Italian style? Why not renting a Riva classic boat or another vessel and stopping by Villa Erba with a scenic entrance? Reach out to Lake Como Experiences and tell us what you have in mind: we’ll work hard to make it happen!

Walk with the stars in one of Lake Como’s most famous movie sets

“Nespresso, what else?”. That advertising is iconic to say the least, as it stuck in our collective unconscious with its subtle irony, and a catchy claim. However we are quite sure some cinephiles are hiding among our readers, and that they are probably asking themselves what else was filmed at Villa Erba. Well, once again Mr. Clooney is involved, and not just because Villa Erba is at 10 minutes from his golden Lake Como retreat (Villa Oleandra): the cult movie Ocean’s Twelve was shot at Villa Erba, as well as the more recent Murder Mystery, with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, or the videoclip for Cool by the delicious Gwen Stefani.

Have your eyes feast on Villa Erba’s astounding beauty

Dramatic windows overlooking the waters of Lake Como, fine furniture from Italy’s best craftsmen, and rare paintings, all dominated by frescoed ceilings and ample vaults. Villa Erba’s interiors are gorgeous and magnetic, and would be able to enchant even the most hardened hearts. 

It is outdoors, however, that the place shines in all its magnificence. Villa Erba’ gardens and botanical park represent a triumphal meeting point between nature and human creativity, showcasing a one of a kind botanical collection from the four corners of the world. The colors, smell and sensations of Villa Erba’s botanical garden vary according to the season, offering an ever-changing experience, and titillating your senses in unexpected, awe-inspiring ways.

Bonus tip: organize your business trip or conference in pure style

Villa Erba is one of Lake Como and Italy’s top-notch facilities for events, conventions, and any other typology of private and public gatherings. Its 1500 square-meter pavilion is renowned all over the world for being one of the most advanced event centers, and it is complemented by 3 additional wings, and up to 200 exhibition stands. The old part of Villa Erba is also available for receptions up to 500 guests.

Villa Erba: Useful info and contacts

Villa Erba’s personnel is highly professional and specialized in the management of wedding, conferences and personalized events: don’t be afraid to get in touch with them and discuss in detail your dreams and projects!


General Inquiries: Ambra Tantillo (,
Administration: Sergio Arcioni (, +39 031 349209
Event management: Fabrizio Cunsolo (, +39 031 349242